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Check passcode redirects
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This is a large-ish project to check that passcode redirects point to the correct articles and are tagged correctly: for each redirect listed in Category:Passcode redirects, the redirect's target should be checked to confirm the passcode is listed in a passcode or password parameter (I'm looking for a list of passcode redirects where this isn't the case, or confimation that there are no such cases). Each of these redirects should also be checked to make sure they use {{r from passcode}}, instead of directly adding the category (if they use the category directly, they can be automatically changed to use the template instead) (I'm not actually expecting anything here, since the template has the same number of transclusions as the number of pages in the category).

After this, all pages in Category:All cards which have a passcode listed (I'm pretty sure SMW can be used to get a list of all these pages, via [[Passcode::+]] on Special:Ask) should confirm whether the passcode redirect is already in Category:Redirects from passcodes; if not, the redirect should be checked to make sure it points back to the page (again, I'm after a list of redirects where this isn't the case, or confirmation that there are none), and have {{r from passcode}} added to the redirect (this part can be done automatically).

If it's not too much trouble, I'm also interested in seeing a list of these redirects that have any other content on them - anything other than #REDIRECT [[Page name]] {{r from passcode}}.

I don't think this request can be done with AWB, though if someone would like to try, I'd love to be proven wrong. =)

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Becasita claimed this task.Oct 12 2018, 7:45 PM
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I can probably write a script to check all of that. Just need to find the time.

Just be aware that as a followup to this, I want a similar thing done for card number redirects, and both tasks will have to be rerun on occasion (probably just once a year or so would be more than enough).

See 1, 2, 3, 4 for card number redirects that are examples of things I'm hoping to catch with these runs.