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Generate a report of card pages with redlinked card numbers
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We create card numbers as redirects to the page for the card they're a number for (e.g. LOB-001 redirects to Blue-Eyes White Dragon). However, we don't have any way to track redlinked card numbers automatically (because a card may have several hundred card numbers, using #ifexist will quickly saturate the expensive parser functions template limit on some cards). Therefore, to be sure we have all these redirects created, we need a report, which must be periodically re-generated (probably just generating it every month or two would be enough).

Altenatively, these redirects could just be created by the process otherwise used to generate the report, in which case their contents should be #REDIRECT [[Page name]] {{r from card number}}.

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People can ping me whenever they spotted red linked card numbers. I have a script to create them. To spot them, it's possible, but, off the top of my head, it's trickier and will take too long iterating over everything (we could try to store what has been checked, but pages change...).
I do try to keep track of stuff every two weeks or so; I check newer sets and releases to be sure their cards' card numbers are updated. That could also be automatized, I guess.

I didn't actually know anyone was doing this already. I think that if it's only run once a month, iterating over all appropriate card pages (I think you'd only have to check CT2 transclusions, which is still less than 10k pages) wouldn't be prohibitive, though I don't know that it holds when you up the run frequency to every couple of weeks.

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