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Need an image for a new favicon. Ideally it should be at minimum 260x260px. Preferred image would be an incomplete Millennium Puzzle, though alternate suggestions are welcome.

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Dinoguy1000 triaged this task as Normal priority.

Shadox has done very good work in the past on minor graphical work like this, in a very short amount of time, for no charge. Consider reaching out through ygorg discord server.

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The best size for creating favorite icons is 16x16 pixels, which is the size at which they are most often displayed. However, they may sometimes appear in larger sizes (for example, 32x32 pixels). BY: university assignment writing - UK Academic Writers.

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I use favicon size as recommended by the wp theme 512*512. It makes it square and sharp so that it is clearly visible and also readable But I saw a small favicon at university assignment writing! dont know the matter exactly

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You want to make a favicon and you are taking 260 as your pixel size? The ideal size for creating favicon is 16 x 16 px. I have a favicon on my essay help UK website and its size contains 16 x 16 px.

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