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Extension:Cargo is an alternative to SMW.

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corey added a subscriber: corey.Oct 15 2018, 7:21 PM

Are we wanting to look into using Cargo as a complete replacement to SMW or for use alongside SMW?

I don't think there's much point using them together, except during the transition from one to the other. As I've said more than once, though, I'd really like to be able to talk to someone with a decent amount of experience using both, especially if they're willing to poke around at some of our SMW stuff and see if anything sticks out at them as potentially problematic to convert.

Having an idea of how performance of Cargo compares to SMW would be good too, but that's more your circus, Corey. =)

corey added a comment.Oct 15 2018, 8:38 PM

Unfortunately, I can't do any performance testing on Yugipedia until Cargo has been installed and some data is populated. Then I can run similar queries on the SMW and Cargo data to determine how they compare.

Similar tests were performed on DiscourseDB and were found to be ~50% faster (in favor of Cargo).

If you'd like, we can go ahead and install Cargo in order to do some performance testing.

If you feel comfortable running both side-by-side at this time, I have no complaints for just installing Cargo and starting to use it.

I see no obvious reasons against it. We’ll need to decide on a template to use for testing.

The template should already use SMW queries and should return at least a couple thousand results but not be used on so many pages that any Cargo errors will break half the site. Any suggestions?

Maybe the linking between archetype/series (or archseries for short) pages and their membership (archetypes, series), support, and anti-support lists? These currently work by storing the archseries' name on the list (e.g. List of "Cenozoic" cards stores [[Archetype or series card list for::Cenozoic]]), and then to link to it from {{Infobox archseries}} on the archseries page, the query {{ #ask: [[Archetype or series card list for::{{PAGENAME}}]] | link=none }} is run. (The theory behind this is that an archseries page can be renamed without breaking the links to its associated lists, though I'm not sure how well it actually works in practice.)

cargo investigation is very hard on the time but you can get latest tech news to release some stress