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Modernize older card templates
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The effort to split {{CardTable2}} by medium started in 2012 or 2013. Since then, almost three dozen card templates have been created. Many of these have been only sporadically edited at best since their creation, and as a result have fallen farther and farther behind best practices as implemented in {{Anime card}} and {{Manga card}} (and even, to some extent, in {{CardTable2}} itself). In the long run, {{Card table}}, the metatemplate these templates are built on, should be converted to a module, and common functionality should be migrated to it, thus easing the maintenance burden on the individual templates. In the short term, however, they should be updated to bring them more in-line with current practices and conventions. Some examples of needed work include updates to SMW properties, removal of language tabs, and increased use of variables. In addition, many Monster Capsule: Breed & Battle and Capsule Monster Coliseum cards/monsters share articles, and should be split.

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Dinoguy1000 updated the task description. (Show Details)

I already have {{Card table}} and {{CardTable2}} Lua drafts. But this will take time. The fomer just needs some polishing and the rest we'll be adding as the need arises. The CT2 replacement will take more time.

I can't assign this to me. It seems only one person can be assigned to a task.

You should be able to unassign me and assign yourself. If you can't unassign users from tasks, @corey will have to look into it.

I can, but it would be better to assign multiple people, I'd think. Like both of us.

Someone being assigned to a task just indicates that they intend to work on it; it doesn't prevent others from also working on the task. Since we can't assign multiple people to a task, I don't mind if you'd prefer to just unassign me from this.

It was just to keep things organized. I find it weird it doesn't allow to assign multiple people.

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