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Create a dedicated "identifiers" template
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Something like Wikipedia's Template:Authority control, except for ISBN/EAN/USB, mostly for set pages. Ideally it should support multiple different values for each identifier, with some mechanism for detailing what each value corresponds to (e.g. Gold Series 2012 has different EANs for the Japanese and Korean versions). It may be worth investigating whether sets have ever been assigned any other identifiers anywhere (e.g. ISSN and LCCN are worth investigating, I think?).

These identifiers really don't have much business in the infobox, and the vast majority of sets don't currently document any identifiers, so right now they're mostly-pointless overhead in an already heavy and complex infobox template.

Note that this itself probably would't qualify as an authority control mechanism, so "Authority control" probably wouldn't be an appropriate name for the template (though we should have such a template for e.g. biographical articles).

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