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Cronjob to run maintenance/updateSpecialPages.php
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As part of the recent performance work, $wgMiserMode was set to true. Among its other effects, it disables real-time updating of various specialpage reports, which instead have to be updated by running php maintenance/updateSpecialPages.php. The best way to do this would be to set up a cronjob to run periodically; the WMF runs it about once a month, but we might be able to run it once a week or even more often. Of course, if we decide later that $wgMiserMode isn't needed and disable it, the affected special pages will resume real-time updates and the maintenance script/cronjob won't be needed.

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Dinoguy1000 added a comment.EditedJan 18 2020, 10:12 PM

Example output (from the first, manual run I just performed):

dinoguy1000@mw01-do-nyc:~$ php maintenance/updateSpecialPages.php
Statistics                     [callback] completed in 0.51s
Ancientpages                   [QueryPage] got 1000 rows in 1.35s
BrokenRedirects                [QueryPage] got 4 rows in 1.35s
Deadendpages                   [QueryPage] got 0 rows in 47.25s
DoubleRedirects                [QueryPage] got 0 rows in 1.07s
FileDuplicateSearch            [QueryPage] cheap, skipped
ListDuplicatedFiles            [QueryPage] got 43 rows in 2.07s
LinkSearch                     [QueryPage] cheap, skipped
Listredirects                  [QueryPage] got 1000 rows in 0.10s
Lonelypages                    [QueryPage] got 207 rows in 19.56s
Longpages                      [QueryPage] cheap, skipped
MediaStatistics                [QueryPage] got 10 rows in 0.83s
MIMEsearch                     [QueryPage] cheap, skipped
Mostcategories                 [QueryPage] got 1000 rows in 2.85s
Mostimages                     [QueryPage] got 1000 rows in 3.26s
Mostinterwikis                 [QueryPage] got 0 rows in 0.01s
Mostlinkedcategories           [QueryPage] cheap, skipped
Mostlinkedtemplates            [QueryPage] got 1000 rows in 33.57s
Mostlinked                     [QueryPage] got 1000 rows in 2m 3.54s
Mostrevisions                  [QueryPage] got 1000 rows in 22.82s
Fewestrevisions                [QueryPage] got 1000 rows in 16.62s
Shortpages                     [QueryPage] cheap, skipped
Uncategorizedcategories        [QueryPage] got 3 rows in 0.04s
Uncategorizedpages             [QueryPage] got 274 rows in 1.20s
Uncategorizedimages            [QueryPage] got 1000 rows in 0.99s
Uncategorizedtemplates         [QueryPage] got 1000 rows in 0.08s
Unusedcategories               [QueryPage] got 39 rows in 0.16s
Unusedimages                   [QueryPage] got 1000 rows in 0.77s
Wantedcategories               [QueryPage] got 450 rows in 4.41s
Wantedfiles                    [QueryPage] got 1000 rows in 10.90s
Wantedpages                    [QueryPage] got 1000 rows in 1m 15.09s
Wantedtemplates                [QueryPage] got 299 rows in 8.73s
Unwatchedpages                 [QueryPage] got 1000 rows in 0.51s
Unusedtemplates                [QueryPage] got 1000 rows in 0.06s
Withoutinterwiki               [QueryPage] got 1000 rows in 0.07s
GadgetUsage                    [QueryPage] got 11 rows in 0.02s
DisambiguationPages            [QueryPage] cheap, skipped
DisambiguationPageLinks        [QueryPage] got 1000 rows in 0.24s

The whole command completed in 7 minutes 20 seconds (440.03 seconds).

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